Shark’s Fin (Thập Cẩm Vi Cá) 五 仁 魚 翅
Shark’s Fin (Thập Cẩm Vi Cá) 五 仁 魚 翅
DP Bakeshop Mooncakes

Shark’s Fin (Thập Cẩm Vi Cá) 五 仁 魚 翅

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Celebrate the rising of the harvest moon with our traditional family Mooncake recipe. Always made fresh by hand, with a soft pastry of golden syrup that delicately surrounds a savory filling of cruelty free imitation shark’s fin mixed with roasted, aromatic, finely chopped, and salted nuts.

Each order includes four premium DP Bakeshop Mooncakes in a limited-edition Dong Phuong gift box from East NOLA.

Enriched wheat flour, corn, oil, sugar syrup, and food color

Wintermelon candies, almonds, cashews, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, sugar, soy protein, eggs, imitation shark’s fin, and honey

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