Durian (Đậu Sầu Riêng) 榴 連
Durian (Đậu Sầu Riêng) 榴 連
DP Bakeshop Mooncakes

Durian (Đậu Sầu Riêng) 榴 連

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Celebrate the rising of the harvest moon with our traditional family Mooncake recipe. Always made fresh by hand, with a soft pastry of golden syrup that delicately surrounds a lavish center of rich and creamy durian fruit balanced with subtly sweet mung bean. Traditionally distinct and deliciously familiar.

Each order includes four premium DP Bakeshop Mooncakes in a limited-edition Dong Phuong gift box from East NOLA.

Enriched wheat flour, corn, oil, sugar syrup, and food color

Mung beans, sugar, corn syrup, durian, and eggs

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